Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian Pearls comes from the oyster pinctada margaritifera of French polynesia. A bead nucleus is inserted in gonad of the oyster with a piece of mantle tissue.

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South Sea Pearl

South sea pearls comes from the large oysters called Pinctada Maxima. They are so prestigious that they are also known as queen of pearls. South sea pearls are the largest pearls ...

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Designer Pearl

These are also naturally cultured pearls and are very popular in India. Three species basically used in this culture are Lammelidens marginalis, L. Corrianus, and Parryesia corrugata.

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राजस्थान का युवा किसान मोती की खेती से कमाता है लाख ₹ प्रति माह

33 वर्षीय रिपुदमन सिंह राजस्थान के चूरू जिले में जैतसर गाँव के युवा किसान हैं । वैसे तो वो फार्मा ग्रेजुएट हैं पर खेती में उनकी दिलचस्पी शुरू से ही थी । दशकों से खेती उनके परिवार की आय का मुख्य स्त्रोत रहा है, वो बात अलग है की उनके पिता जी सरकारी विभाग सेवानिवृत्त

Earn one lakh per month from Pearl Farming

Today pearl farming is getting very popular in traditional and innovative farmers in India. Mostly farmers from young age or highly educated young entrepreneurs are showing interest in this business. India is biggest importer of pearls. Around 1-3 billion dollars of pearls imported every year. It shows the demand of pearls in Indian market. But