Rajasthan farmer earns Rs 1 lakh per month from Designer pearl farming

33-year-old Ripudaman singh is a farmer from Jaitasar village in Churu district, Rajasthan. Ripudaman is basically a Pharma graduate but he wanted to do something different, specially something innovative in farming. He has parental land in his village.

Hence three years back he decided to start pearl farming. He did deep research before starting this. He came to know that India is the biggest importer of cultured natural pearls. Around 1 billion dollar of pearls, India imports every year. And lot of other information he got from YouTube and other social media platforms. He took training of pearl farming and started this in his own village.

He says it was very difficult in the starting, because everyone in village made fun of him. Peoples from his village said, after getting that much higher education, he is trying to harvest pearls in desert. But his family supported him, which was his biggest motivation. And now after three years, he is a successful Pearl farmer, who is earning around 80000-1 lakh per month. And now he is giving training of pearl farming to other aspirant farmers and youngsters.

He says Pearl farming don’t require lot of manpower and very profitable in low investment. If you have your own land then you only need nylon net and pearl producing mussels. Just start digging pond of size 10×10 feet at least. After digging the pond, you can either use shells from a local water body or purchase them from a supplier, which can cost you around Rs 7-10 per piece. Let them adapt according to your pond. Don’t start working on them immediately.

After around 8-10 days, some of the mussels would die because of the new environment. Remove them from the pond and start the process of nucleation to the living mussels. Your pearl will be round or designer, it totally depends on nucleus and the type of surgery. If you want round pearl then you have to use round nucleus and graft it in gonad of the mussel. And if you want designer pearl like in the form of God Ganesha, Shiva or any other form, you should use the same design of nucleus and plant it inside the mantle cavity of mussel. One mussel can produce two designer pearl in 12 months. For round pearl it take 18-24 months and one shell can produce only one round pearl.

Designer Pearls

“Most important thing is the care of mussels. Their feed also plays very important part on quality of pearl. These pearls when sold in wholesale market, earn me around 300-400 per piece easily. Even at much higher rate if the quality of the pearl is great. This means if your mortality rate of mussels reaches to 50%, still you can very easily earn back you investment as well as profit”. He says, first time, he also faced some problem in keeping mussels alive but he successfully earned the profit.

Today Ripudaman singh is well known pearl farmer and came a long way. He is gradually increasing his scale of pearl farming. He also says one more important thing ” It is all a trial-and-error method. Training can teach you the basics of pearl farming, but regular practice will teach you what really works on ground”.

If you want to learn Pearl farming or you want to purchase Shells, nucleus, Designer or round pearls feel free to contact him. He is always available to help.

His Contact Number – +919799230100

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